Community Involvement At Shaw Living, we recognise the strong support we get from the ACT community. So we want to give something back.

Over the years we’ve supported a number of charitable and community organisations, either with financial contributions, or by the pro bono provision of services. Our most recent beneficiaries include:

  • Pegasus Foundation
  • Carers ACT
  • Marist College
  • Scouts Australia, ACT Branch

We will continue to support those and other organisations, as suitable opportunities present themselves. We have embraced Carers ACT as one of our major beneficiaries and we’re delighted to be working in partnership with them to help improve the quality of life for carers.

For more information about Carers ACT, visit the Carers ACT Website.

The main way we’re supporting carers in the ACT and region is through our annual Charity Bowling Day, usually held in March. We’re proud that after 12 of these events, members of the ACT Construction Industry have helped us raise more than $863,000 to support carers.

  • 2006 = $28,540
  • 2007 = $37,450
  • 2008 = $51,468
  • 2009 = $62,556
  • 2010 = $64,309
  • 2011 = $65,103
  • 2012 = $71,990
  • 2013 = $79,931
  • 2014 = $82,630
  • 2015 = $121,250
  • 2016 = $103,816
  • 2017 = $94,544

The money raised has been used to provide respite for carers through a variety of means including financial assistance, well deserved breaks, medical aids and various other outings and contributions to make life a little easier for our wonderful carers. As you can see by the increasing amounts donated, the event continues to grow with the fantastic support of our industry colleagues.