The building approval process Once the agreed plans are signed off we can then finalise the architectural plans and get them ready for Building Approval (BA)

This involves engaging a surveyor to do a contour survey and assess the ground levels of your block, a structural engineer to design the slab and two storey structures if applicable, and an energy rating consultant to certify that the house meets the relevant Building Codes.

In most new suburbs, the Building Approval is the only requirement. However, in some areas plans have to be submitted to the relevant State or Territory authorities for Development Approval (DA) and/or to the estate’s Design Manager for approval. This involves preparing the external colours and finishes as well as the plans themselves. We need to obtain these approvals before we submit the plans for Building Approval (BA). Approval times for these vary depending on the estate and the complexity of the design.

In most cases, the process of selecting colours and finishes happens after the BA has been submitted. We’ll guide you through the process of choosing the external colours and finishes such as the bricks and the roof, and also the internal finishes such as tiles and carpet.

Shaw Living requires evidence of land ownership and ability to pay the contract amount, before the commencement of construction.