Our construction process Once Building Approval has been granted we will begin construction. During the process, your Customer Service Manager will be the main point of contact, available for you to contact at any time for any questions or an update of the progress of your home.

Once construction has begun you will be introduced to your Site Manager who will be looking after the construction phase of your home.

If you wish to visit the site during the construction process, you’ll need to contact your Customer Service Manager to organise a suitable time for them to show you around. This is so we can ensure that the site is safe.

Progress payments

During construction, generally you will be required to pay progress claims at the following stages: slab, frames and trusses, pre-sheet, fixing, painting, practical completion. (Dependant upon house design/structure)

Slab stage

The first task on a new site is to do the site cut. This is to establish the correct level and siting of your home. The slab will be pegged, in-ground drainage installed and finally the floor slab will be poured.

Frame and truss stage

The wall frames and roof trusses will be erected next and windows will be installed.

Pre-sheet stage

The external brickwork and other external finishes such as cladding will be completed.

The roof will be completed and services ‘roughed-in’ – electrical, plumbing and heating/cooling will be installed.

Fixing stage

Internal plasterboard linings and cornices are completed, doors, skirtings and architraves are fitted, joinery is installed, tiling is substantially complete and stairs are installed where required.


Internal and external painting is complete.

Practical completion

Internal decorative finishes are installed.

Door hardware, mirrors, bathroom fixtures, appliances, tapware, window furnishings and floor coverings are completed.
Landscaping will also be done at this stage if applicable.

At this stage your Customer Service Manager will invite you to undertake a final walkthrough inspection of your completed home to ensure that everything is to your satisfaction.

We will now apply for the Certificate of Occupancy. This is issued once the Building Certifier has completed the final inspection and certified that the house is complete and ready for occupation.